What was I up to in November 2011? Shire/Family

A second tranche from my Monthly Archives: November 2011, focussing on Sutherland Shire and family.

November 2011 going down the plug-hole!

Posted on November 30, 2011 by Neil

…on the way to Sutherland on Monday. And speaking of The Shire, here are some good-looking people who live there:


That’s David, Lauren and Nathan – grand-niece and grand-nephews. The occasion: Lauren’s Year 12 Formal.

Back from The Shire

Posted on November 18, 2011 by Neil

1968-ers, not 1969! Paul Kelly (class of 68 Cronulla High and former Deputy SurveyorGeneral of New South Wales, among other distinctions) collected me at Sutherland Station and took me to this place in Gymea.


Joining us were Alan Andrews, from the Maths Department at Cronulla in the 60s and also an ongoing Rugby League person of some note. Two other former students also came – Colin Glendinning, a medical doctor,  and Paul Weirick, a retired engineer.

Paul Kelly brought some interesting photos and he and others also had some great anecdotes, some of them things I had forgotten.

I walked back to Gymea Station afterwards, not having walked through Gymea for over 40 years!


More on yesterday’s Shire excursion

Posted on November 19, 2011 by Neil

The Classes of 68 and 69 may be found here.Flies_away


prefects1968aprefects1968bDr Colin Glendinning

Left: Paul Kelly, T Griffiths, Paul Weirick, R Priddy Right: Colin Glendinning 1968

Colin Glendinning 2011


Mainly family

Posted on November 25, 2011 by Neil

Bit of a glitch on the local railway though.


As well as showing the derailed coal train that excellent photo from the Mercury shows the single track leading to the Clifton/Scarborough tunnel and the proximity of the wonderful new road bridge, built because the road kept falling into the water…

My Dad would have been ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD today!


That’s him in the centre in the suit some time in the early 1970s.

My twin cousins Robert and James Heard (born 1954) are on his right. On his left my mother Jean (1911-1996), my Aunt Fay (d. October 2011) and her husband, my Uncle Neil (b. 1924).

In front is my Aunt Beth (d. 2007). On her right my cousin Janine, on her left Lloyd – children of Neil and Fay.

Not in this group are Roy and Kay, about whom I am especially thinking this week.


CHRISTISON, Roy Hampton 5/11/1927 – 21/11/2011 Loving husband of Kay. Devoted father and father-in- law of Russell and Tinna, Linda, Heather, Bruce and Fahima, Julie and Kingsley. Proud Grandad of Timothy, Mathew, Sarah, Shareena, Zain, Kasmira, Deen, Aadam and Raihanna. Loving brother and brother-in-law of Eric and Gwen (both dec), Jean and Jeff (both dec), Beth and Bob (both dec), Keith and Ruth (both dec), Neil and Fay (dec). 54 years and 11 months of marriage, 5 wonderful children, in-laws loved like our own, 9 dear grandchildren. Gentleman Roy will be forever missed. “That’s the story of love.” ROY’S family and friends are invited to attend his Funeral Service to be held at Sutherland Uniting Church, cnr. Flora and Merton Streets, Sutherland on Monday 28th November, 2011 at 1.00pm. In lieu of flowers, donations to Prostate Cancer Foundation or Calvary Health Care would be appreciated.


My cousin Joan’s wedding. Uncle Roy is on the right edge.

Naturally then I have also been thinking about the Christisons. See also: Scans worth preserving–2: re Sophia Jane Christison 1858-1952; Being Australian 16: inclusive multiculturalism Aussie style 9 – my tribes; Family matters and Family stories 2 — About the Christisons.


Roy Christison Senior 1886-1963


I have found such treasures through the National Library of Australia’s TROVE! Some samples.

Note the eyepatch on my grandfather Roy Sr above.


SMH 1899




John is all over the papers in the 1880s! Try especially the Maitland Mercury!


July 1887





And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A cousin has resurfaced too.


Ray Christison doesn’t look quite like this now, but then I don’t actually recall him looking like this then! Winking smile

What a gathering of the clan that was!

Posted on November 29, 2011 by Neil


There were more Christisons there – including my surviving uncle, Neil, who looks well at 87 – than I have seen in decades. My cousin Ray wasn’t there, being at the time (or close to it) passing through Braefield, of all places, but he sent me this via Facebook.


That was taken about 70 years ago at 61 Auburn Street Sutherland.  L-R: John H Christison (whose sister Joan was at the funeral), Eric, John’s father, Sophia Jane Christison (my great-grandmother), Roy Christison Senior, and finally, I am 99% sure, my brother Ian Whitfield.

Few houses remain in Auburn Street, but this one does. I visited it yesterday. I lived here from 1943 to the beginning of 1952.