An unmitigated tragedy for the USA and the world

Not least for Australia. I may say more later but all I can offer now is images to express how shocked I am.




4 thoughts on “An unmitigated tragedy for the USA and the world

  1. What I find mystifying is that even though the various ‘respected commentators of the press’ got it completely, absolutely, laughably, out-of-this-world wrong, you still find some dullards referring obsequiously to their views? You could only be ‘shocked’ by the result if you inhabited a totally isolated, press-fed, world view. What an absolute insult to the American people.

    I’m with GP Cox above; let’s just wait and see if the calls of doom are justified. And maybe in the meantime just take a deep breath.

  2. I agree that we must wait and see: not that there is any choice about that now. His first post-election speech was mildly encouraging.

    I should add that most of my concerns about Donald Trump came not so much from the commentators, though I read some as we all did, but straight from the Trump mouth just about every time he opened it. I watched all three debates, and saw from time to time his rallies live for quite extended periods on ABC News 24. This post is as it says quite visceral and should be read in light of the next one.

  3. Just a follow up if you will allow Neil. You are not the only one who followed this long drawn out process quite closely, with maybe the slight difference that I forced myself to watch both CNN and Fox endlessly dissect the slightest hint of something which might help their ’cause’ – and ’cause’ it was, for both of them. I have to say that the hypocrisy of the left (very biased) media was just dumbfounding to me – and I include Australian media in that. And, yes, I do read the NYT and WaPo, as well as both ‘sides’ of local media.

    We are seeing that hypocrisy right now, with protests in the street refusing to accept a ‘President Trump’ – yet if your memory is as long as mine, just two weeks ago the story de jour was Trump’s ‘refusal’ to commit to accepting the outcome of the election. That was not what he said – but rather what was inferred, and it consumed 2-3 days of the election cycle, including good old ‘our ABC’.

    The left needs to grow up; it needs to concentrate on issues, not ‘feelings’. The things endlessly, stridently, gnawed at by the left in this whole process are of no concern to the vast majority of the people (the voters) who elected their new leader. Health care, jobs, borders, supreme court – those issues actually mattered – not safe spaces, and unisex bathrooms, and maryjane as a recreational ‘right’ – and sorry, but SSM also fits under that umbrella.

    But more than grow up, they need to provide viable alternatives which are not just more of the same; because look what the past eight years has got them. ‘Hope and Change’ is not an easy pitch to recycle.

    Anyway, one of the good things out of this election cycle is that finally, the Kennedy, Bush, Clinton family ‘right’ to govern might have been broken. But I guess from a leftish perspective, they must be inordinately worried by the impressive performance of the Trump children. Maybe we are just starting on a new ‘family’?

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