What I saw in November 2008

Photoblog recycle from Ninglun’s Specials.

Redfern Visions 27: East Redfern 5

Posted on November 1, 2008 by Neil

Moving now from the Shopping Village via the back streets towards South Dowling Street, the morning light being one of my motives for the photos.

mon27 010

Yes, you have seen that jacaranda and that car before…

Redfern visions 28: East Redfern 6

Posted on November 2, 2008 by Neil

Still harvesting my walk from Elizabeth Street through the back streets to South Dowling Street, here in Baptist Street and Maddison Street, again in morning light.

mon27 014

mon27 012

Redfern Visions 30: back to Redfern Street

Posted on November 3, 2008 by Neil

Here I am on the prowl for images again, this time today, while going to the doc, Centrelink, and the chemist…

Shirley Perry Smith (Mum Shirl) ~ 1924-1998

mon03 015a

Redfern visions 34: Little Eveleigh Street 2

Posted on November 8, 2008 by Neil

Little Eveleigh Street has changed little since M and I lived there 17 years ago, though there have been quite a few changes in the area – more on that later. It was then, and is now, a surprising oasis in deepest Redfern/Darlington. It also had a strong community feel. On this little vacant lot there were regularly neighbourhood barbecues.

fri07 007

That was diagonally opposite where we were living, the house with the green roof in the next picture…

fri07 008

Surry Hills 90: Bourke Street and The Beresford

Posted on November 9, 2008 by Neil

James O’Brien drew our attention to (of all things) the toilets in the new Beresford Hotel in Bourke Street Surry Hills. Well, having been there this afternoon – where I met up with James and The Other Andrew and a few others — I know what he means. As James says:

I’ve had a pee in some pretty unusal toilets and places in my life. I’ve used troughs, long-drops, unisex toilets, and every combination of sit down and standup facility you might imagine. But even I was surprised when I saw the urinal at the newly refurbished Beresford Hotel tonight.

At first I wasn’t sure if it actually was a urinal…

Even the entry sets the tone:

sun09 061

As you approach the pub from Oxford Street down Bourke, you note that it isn’t quite The Beresford we used to know (um) twenty years or so back, even if it still seems vaguely familiar…

sun09 058

Intrepid reporter back from the mean streets…

Posted on November 10, 2008 by Neil

Oh yes, I’ve been on the job, people, covering this morning a demo at Sydney Town Hall, even if the big media guns out-equip me!

mon10 013

Good to see a very recognisable Bob Gould (1937-2011) still keeping a grandfatherly eye on things.

mon10 017

Neither of those are pics I will submit to the South Sydney Herald, as I did get better ones… And had a lovely chat with a woman demonstrator who turns out to have been an English teacher, one of the bright young things of 1972 I recall from my Wollongong days.

Yesterday’s assignment did yield one passing human drama though, in Oxford Street:

sun09 049

This is what they were doing…

sun09 050