Fuku yum! Saturday lunch in The Gong

Last Saturday Chris T and I lunched at Fuku. Remember our earlier venture there?

My friend Chris T is a chef by trade, and much more travelled than most. He was very dubious about Fuku’s ramen, claiming never to have had a really good ramen outside Japan.

Fuku? Yes, I know: as this review explains.

This new japanese restaurant has a very naughty name. Only japanese knows how to say it – ‘FooKoo’ – means best luck. The food there is amazing! Lots of choices and well priced!

It was our second go at Fuku actually: “Fuku on Crown is inspired by the best of authentic Japanese and Chinese cuisine creating a vibrant and unique Asian fusion blend balanced with a relaxing modern atmosphere.”



That was obviously taken at night. I should also add that “packed”, particularly with Asian students, is the usual state of play. Most of the mains are $8.90!

On Saturday we had two, both top quality. The curry was $8.90, the lamb a touch more.


That’s exactly what the Japanese beef brisket curry looked like, but the picture is from Nami’s Japanese Cookbook. She explains the dish:

Japanese Curry Rice or Karē Raisu (カレーライス) is extremely popular dish for all ages in Japan and it is considered one of the country’s national dishes along with ramen and gyoza!  This beef curry dish takes a bit of preparation but the end result is super delicious!

Curry was introduced to Japan by the British in late 1800s in the form of curry powder, and it was adapted to Japanese taste.  The flavor of Japanese curry is quite different from Indian or Thai curry.  Japanese curry is thicker, milder, and sweeter and always served with rice.  We don’t have the choices of yellow, red, or green curry like Thai curry, but instead there are usually three degrees of spiciness indicating mild, medium hot, or hot.

I guess ours was mild. Yes, definitely worth another go.

The other dish was lamb ribs. We have had this before and no doubt will again.


This time that is Fuku’s version. I suspect the recipe is rather like that of Ms I-Hua.

I bring to you, the very awesome, lip smacking, gun totting, mind blowing…

Miso Lamb Ribs!

… Lamb ribs are not only delicious, they are also relatively cheap in comparison to other ribs sold at the butcher/supermarket/markets.

The reason why lamb ribs are so delicious is probably because they are high in saturated fats and cholesterol. Something this good is probably not great for you, but heck, we only live once 🙂

It’s easy to cook and easy to eat. It’s also great as finger food at a party!…

Afterwards at Diggers a couple of our more Aussie mates seemed a touch dubious about where we’d lunched. One was going home for bangers and mash! (Mind you, I also like bangers and mash, especially at Diggers when they have pork and fennel sausages.)  They know not what they are missing, though it’s fair to say quite a few Gong residents do avail themselves of Fuku’s amazing variety – more authentically Japanese than I had realised – and ridiculously low prices.

Especially when you think: the price of a Combo meal in a fast food restaurant (Big Mac Meal or similar) in Sydney is AU$10! AU$8.90 for a Fuku curry and rice? You’d be mad not to choose the curry!

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