Power of nature plus September wrap-up

I posted yesterday about the South Australian superstorm and outage. See also No, Renewable Energy Didn’t Cause South Australia’s Blackout.

An industry expert, who preferred we didn’t give his name because he wasn’t authorised to speak on the matter, was even more blunt. He actually laughed when we asked if renewable energy was to blame for the blackout.

“The transmission network was taken down by a violent storm. No generation technology can transmit power without the transmission network. You could replace all sources of generation, but if 22 transmission lines are knocked down, it can’t transmit,” he told HuffPost Australia.

“When people attack renewable energy, sometimes there is an element of truth. In this instance it is flat out wrong, there’s no ambiguity whatsoever. It’s so clear what the cause was. It doesn’t matter what was generating the power, it’s not even relevant. The transmission lines can’t transmit anything if they’ve fallen down.”

Two more pics:



Amazing stuff!

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