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After yesterday’s post I had another look at that old blogroll:

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Here is my complete blog roll, all of them of interest to me. Updated June 2008. My thumbnail introductions will, I hope, pique your curiosity; don’t take any views expressed too much to heart… Links now open in new windows.

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Tasmania: “A baby-boomer sitting at the edge of the world, peering near-sightedly into the future but often sneaking a look backwards into the past.”

Entries are few and far between these days, but

Monday, August 29, 2016 

Sometimes I sits and thinks

Sometimes on a wet afternoon you leave the TV and the radio switched off and think.

You think about the past and the future. The people you knew. The people you never met but you felt you knew them.

The things you wish you’d done and the things you wish you hadn’t. The things that you know now that you’ll never do.

I guess that’s life, in all its richness and heartache. But every day we get a new 24 hours, to do with as we wish…

Wombat’s Waffles (Davoh): “I still maintain that the most effective computer in existence is the one situated about 9 inches above the collarbone. Or .. somewhere equidistant between the ears.”  In July:

Not dead yet.

Forgot how to sign in to this blog …. aaaaah… ancient history.

And no, haven’t transferred my communications into some other “easy” technology.

Mostly about wandering the neighborhood saying hello to strangers – IN REAL LIFE!


Have many photos. If it’s important, will post them, if asked..Or Not

Lorelle on WordPress: I wrote “— a really useful blog about blogging: ‘Helping you learn more about blogging and WordPress every day with help, tips, advice, and techniques for blogging and using WordPress, and The blogging help you need. Now’.” The latest post: Blame WordPress For the World’s Problems.

Let’s call this person “wise” using air quotes to give you a description of where they come from in life. This “wise” person confronted to me at a public event to announce that WordPress was evil and must be destroyed.

“After all,” he informed me soundly. “While WordPress says it supports freedom of speech, it clearly endorses, supports, and commits acts of censorship. How can you be associated with something so evil?”

Let me be clear, there is no “talking” to people like this. The opinion comes well-formed from whatever source and references this person chooses to follow, and nothing I say can change their mind, so I bent in that moment to one of the great minds that follow hate, fear, and conspiracy, something we have a little too much of in the world today.

To those with open hearts and ears, let me give you my answer…

Do go there and read on.

Finally, I see Len in Texas is still going, though seemingly cut back to two regular entries a week. “My name is Len. My last name is on a need-to-know, so if you need to know contact me. I live in Dallas, Texas with my partner of 30 years. I am a liberal Democrat. I started this weblog in April, 2002 mainly just to see if I could. It took a political turn because of the crappy job George W. Bush and the Republicans were doing of running our country. I knew George would do a crappy job — he did a crappy job as our governor, too.”

The latest one of those weekly posts is Friday Night Cartoons 08-26-16. A sample:


Some reading on D Trump. First, the Sydney Morning Herald last Saturday: Don Watson: Donald Trump’s political rise hints at modern take on fascism. This is an extract from Don Watson’s new book.

In Enemy Within, Don Watson takes a memorable journey into the heart of the United States in the year 2016 – and the strangest election campaign that country has seen.

Travelling in the Midwest, Watson reflects on the rise of Donald Trump and the “thicket of unreality” that is the American media. Behind this he finds a deeply fearful and divided culture. Watson considers the irresistible pull – for Americans – of the Dream of exceptionalism, and asks whether this creed is reaching its limit. He explores alternate futures – from Trump-style fascism to Sanders-style civic renewal – and suggests that a Clinton presidency might see a new American blend of progressivism and militarism. Enemy Within is an eloquent, barbed look at the state of the union and the American malaise.

Second, related but much broader in scope (Overland Magazine Winter 2016): Jason Wilson, The rise of white internationalism, from the US to Russia.

…The alt right’s memes make all of this easy to digest for the adherents of a movement with an intensive, socially mediated existence. Their IQ charts, and bogus crime rate statistics are a way of making the bogus ‘racial science’ that underpins their beliefs more easily accessible.

Alt right Twitter accounts are as apt to talk about an alleged ‘rapefugee’ crisis in Syria as they are to make arguments about racially determined IQ, or black crime rates.

More generally, the shibboleths of white internationalism – Halal panic, sexualised racial anxieties, the notion of civilisational struggle, and primitive images of the other – are shared among Far Right actors across the west, and can be seen as readily as Reclaim Australia rallies are on social media….

See also The Rise And Rise Of The Political Troll From The ‘Alt-Right’.


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  1. Thank you for continuing to follow my site. While blogrolls died a long time ago, it is still nice to be remembered for having contributed to your blogging experience and life, and to know that I’m being honored for “still being around.” LOL! I’ve been teaching WordPress almost full-time at the college level for the past five years and not keeping up with my site as I should, but I’m back to it and will be updating it more regularly as I finish my WordPress School legacy project.

    You have some wonderful folks on your blogroll, and the blogroll works better when you do what you’ve done, highlight these people in posts, which generates trackbacks, which brought me to you, and helps people discover these great wonders lost in a long list without meaning nor organization. Without context, people won’t click blogroll lists, and you’ve given these people and their sites context. Much better, and thanks for taking the extra step. It’s easy to get on a blogroll list, and hard to remove someone, but you do them a better service when you highlight their importance to you and encourage people to visit their site with words, not lists.

    I am honored to be among the ones you highlight. Thank you! And keep going.

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