Ship of dreams…

I dreamed last night of an 18th century ship-of-the-line. No joke, I actually did.

Perhaps it is because I have still been watching those TURN: Washington’s Spies episodes on the Wollongong Library DVD. The last episode I watched did indeed feature a ship, but it was a recreation, beautifully done but horrendous, of a prison ship.


Season 1, Episode 7, in fact.

Robert Rogers visits the prison ship HMS Jersey and asks for Samuel Tallmadge. After discovering that Samuel died of dysentery, he asks to speak with the prisoner who knew Samuel best. The warden brings him Selah Strong, who Jordan instantly recognizes…

There is a Prison Ships Martyrs Monument in Fort Greene, honouring the thousands who died nearby off the shore of Brooklyn.

Those familiar with Sydney’s history could relate to much that one could see in the re-creation of 18th century New York in Episode 7.

But the ship I unaccountably dreamed of last night wasn’t HMS Jersey but HMS Agamemnon. The name was as clear as a bell.


There she is! I have no idea why I dreamed about her. Perhaps somewhere in my subconscious was a movie I saw years ago:

In 1993 the wreck was located north of Gorriti Island in Maldonado Bay by Maritime historian Hector Bado and underwater survey expert. later in 1997 with the help of Mensun Bound have documented the remains and recovered a number of artefacts, including a seal bearing the name ‘Nelson,’ and one of Agamemnon‘s 24-pounder guns from her main gundeck.

The historical novelist Patrick O’Brian selected Agamemnon as one of the ships on which Jack Aubrey served as lieutenant, before the events of Master and Commander, the first novel in his Aubrey–Maturin series…

I did see Peter Weir’s Master and Commander in 2003.