Photoblog recycle: August 2014

Thought of the day: What a shame that “Monster Raving Loony Party” is already taken. Seems a name tailor-made for some of our new Senators! See also Loon Pond.

By 2014 the photoblog had ceased its separate existence, so these images come from this blog.

Around The Gong yesterday…

Posted on August 30, 2014 by Neil

Been all seasons in a day weather lately too.


Busker outside Woolworths in Burelli Street; he’s very good.

Moving towards spring in West Wollongong

Posted on August 29, 2014 by Neil

It has been a particularly wet August here in The Gong, the upside being it hasn’t been as windy as August often is, nor has it been all that cold. As the recent rain system appeared to be breaking up last night we were afforded a rather spectacular sunset. These, as regulars would know – or indeed anyone who read yesterday’s post – are from my window.


Laughing Jackass, Settler’s Clock…

Posted on August 27, 2014 by Neil

Or Kookaburra. An iconic Australian bird whose strange “laughter” graced many a B-grade jungle movie mid last century – no matter where the jungle was.


Choy sum in West Wollongong

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Neil

See 5 Chinese vegetables and Wikipedia.

Choy sum or choi sum (Chinese: 菜心) also known as the Chinese Flowering Cabbage, literally means “vegetable heart” in Cantonese if directly translated.

And very tasty these Chinese greens are too, when cooked appropriately.

A rather wonderful old house in Crown Street West Wollongong was occupied again in the past year by an Asian family. The house seems long to have been empty. See Old houses in West Wollongong — 2 (2011). There had also been another abandoned house next door, as in this 2012 post: Jacaranda, flame tree and abandoned house. That house was transported to another part of Wollongong: West Wollongong house on the move, West Wollongong house on the move — gone.

The new occupants seem to have also taken the land on which that second house stood. On part of it they have planted Chinese greens, with a second patch in the front garden of the first house. They appear to be for their own kitchen. Recent rain has really seen the veggies thrive.


That house is derelict and occupied by squatters now. There was a fire recently that slightly damaged the front.

West Wollongong picturesque — 1

Posted on August 21, 2014 by Neil

7.30 this morning, and the breaks in the weather we are experiencing along with the way the cloud lies on the escarpment have provided some great light.


A touch damp in The Gong

Posted on August 18, 2014 by Neil


Corner of Burelli and Church Streets yesterday afternoon – that’s the Diggers Club

Food for thought and otherwise

Posted on August 12, 2014 by Neil

Even more tragic perhaps than the gratuitous selfie is the gratuitous food porn shot…. But I am shameless. 😉


Kung Pao Chicken at Steelers 6 August

Expedition to Surry Hills – 3 – Sydney Boys High

Posted on August 6, 2014 by Neil

See also earlier posts here, and some from my photoblog archive: Returning to the scene of… (2012), Moore Park (2010), 29 January: “The Mine” (2009). Here is an image from 2008:

That was taken three years after I officially retired (end of 2005), but now it is another six years on! Although I still found plenty of former colleagues to visit, not least Dr Jaggar (the Principal), the number of people I knew is getting smaller by the day almost. Just one year younger than me, the Head Teacher Maths who was already in place when I first taught at SBHS in 1985 stepped down from his position just a few days ago. It’s a wonder the school didn’t fall down! Paul B is seeing out his current classes to the end of the year though.


The tennis/basketball courts have turned a rather alarming shade of blue…