This photo blew me away – and July with it!

I was in awe of this photo when I saw it this morning in my WordPress Reader.


Isn’t that just wonderful? For more see Leanne Cole:

Leanne Cole is a Melbourne based photographer and teacher. She finds inspiration in the city of Melbourne and travelling throughout Victoria to take images of what she sees and making fine art images of them. She loves teaching people how to take photos, both in classes, groups and individually. You can learn how to use your camera or how to edit your photos from her.

Leanne Cole’s blog is one of a number I follow on WordPress. I often share posts from them on Facebook.

On my own blog this past month:

Same same! July 2016, like June, has averaged 41 visits a day. Yesterday at 61 was the best day of the month.

Most viewed posts/pages in July 2016:

  1. Home page / Archives 632 views
  2. Ziggy’s House of Nomms 29
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  5. More Oz Election: and I learn something new every day! 21
  6. Outnumbered, Merlin, and other recently seen TV 21
  7. All my posts 18
  8. The swimmer 17
  9. The most evil words in the world? 15
  10. Last of the Mohicans? 15
  11. Into my 74th! 14
  12. Tom Thumb Lagoon 12
  13. About 12
  14. The air-raid siren of Woodleigh 11
  15. What was I up to ten years ago? 11
  16. Random Friday memory: 1 – John Mystery, my brother, Illawong 10
  17. What was I up to 15 years ago? 
  18. Valerie who? 8
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  20. We almost have a government: now go back to July 2013 7