The most evil words in the world?

… are not those referencing bodily parts or functions or sexual activities. Rather they are those that dehumanise to the point where you think it is a rather good idea to drive a truck through crowds of innocent fellow-humans, or act like that shithead in Norway – not a Muslim—who five years ago ran around shooting 77 teenagers and others because he didn’t care for their politics.

So I lament Nice, and all the other horrors across the world in past weeks and months.


While the majority of Muslims (around one quarter of the world’s peoples) are no threat to anyone, there clearly is a part of Islam that is against anyone outside its tent. In them words like kufr join the most wicked words ever to curse humanity. Now there are other kinder interpretations, such as this US Muslim.

…to ascribe divinity to anything besides God – in the Qur’anic worldview – is to be utterly ungrateful to all the favors God bestows on the person who claims thus. In fact, the Arabic word for “stubbornly ingrate” at the end of Quran 39:3 is kaffar, which is derived from kufr and kafara.

This passage of the Qur’an even further bolsters the view that kufr is essentially ingratitude:

And so, when they embark on a ship [and find themselves in danger], they call unto God, [at that moment] sincere in their faith in Him alone; but as soon as He has brought them safe ashore, they [begin to] ascribe to imaginary powers a share in His divinity: and thus they show utter ingratitude for all that We have vouchsafed them, and go on [thoughtlessly] enjoying their worldly life. (Quran 29:65-66)

On the other hand read this and weep.

(O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and Christians as your friends. They are the friends of one another [in their enmity toward Islam]. Whoever takes them as his friends becomes one of them [a disbeliever]. Allah does not guide the unjust people [who wrong themselves by taking disbelievers as their friends].) [Al-Ma’idah 51] (If the People of the Book were on the true path, would he who takes them as his friends have been called a disbeliever?)

(Fight those of the people given the Book who do not believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment, who do not consider forbidden that which Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, and who do not follow the true religion [Islam], until they give the jizya with their own hands in a state of humiliation [in submission].) [At-Tawbah 29]

(Those who deny Our aayaat are disbelievers. They are the dwellers of Hell; they will remain therein eternally.) [Al-Baqarah 39] (All non-Muslims are disbelievers because they deny Qur’anic verses.)

Now read a compelling article in today’s Age:

Undercover with Australia’s Islamic radicals

One journalist spent a year undercover in Australia’s radical Islamic networks.

…The man then directed a question to me: “Do you not feel the pain of your Muslim brothers and sisters dying? Is this not why you have come to us, brother? Why you have reached out for guidance to Allah in dar al-kuffar (land of the infidels)?”

In a flash I responded with: “Allah subhana wa taala (glorious and exalted) is guiding me to the path of vengeance and why I must make hijra.”

Allahu akbar (God is greatest) brother, you are a lion and among other lions here today sent by Allah. We must do what is right and according to Allah, subhana wa taala. It is our duty as followers of Allah to stand against this attack on the Muslim way of life. All the kuffar are trying to keep you from the righteous path.”

I was seeing first hand the process speculated on for so long: here, in the middle of a Melbourne park, young men were being radicalised.

As he spoke, men and women walked by, pushing prams and walking dogs, unwitting witnesses to an event that was troubling and terrifying much of the Western world. It was in these types of groups and gatherings where Australia’s dead jihadists were inducted into terror….

Between meetings, the messages flew on encrypted messaging applications arranging get-togethers that I surmised were going on all over Australia. They are held in secret; Muslim community leaders are oblivious.

Their words are dangerously seductive: they play on the confusion of young men struggling with their sense of identity and life in a society whose politics and media seem increasingly alien and hostile to them. Prakash is (probably) dead now. But Abu Hassan, Salman, Brian, Mahmoud are alive and well, still living in the community and still plotting….

Do read the whole thing. And no, Senator Hanson* does not have the solution. Reject all who practise the language of hate and division.

May all the world unite against both war and extremism, wherever they may be. (Whistle John Lennon’s “Imagine”….)


Many of those who had to watch their families being killed by Daesh in the Middle East also had to endure being labelled as the problem in Australia, thanks to loud attacks against them by the likes of Pauline Hanson. The Australian Iraqi Muslim community has had to watch helplessly for years as many of their family members were murdered by Daesh following the illegal invasion of Iraq, and the anti-Islam movement has left them feeling alienated and alone in their grief. Labelling the religion of Islam as a dangerous political ideology has thus been a callous attack on devout Muslims who have been hit by terrorism, and who reject terrorist ideology as un-Islamic.


There is so much not known about the murderous maniac of Nice at this moment, and there are experts who doubt what could be a purely opportunistic claim from ISIS: see Nice attack: Islamic State claims responsibility for truck carnage as police arrest three more people.

Weep too at this evidence of how low some will go on the “other side”: After Nice attack, internet trolls try to frame Sikh man as a terrorist, again.


2 thoughts on “The most evil words in the world?

  1. If they think radical Islam is UN-Islamic, then that is the place to start, because radical Islam IS Islam.
    What westerners don’t know or understand is the in Islam you DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY. That of your teachers, Imams, the scholars, or Muhammad and his claim as the last prophet. Especially Muhammad’s claim to be prophet. All Muslims know that is blasphemy and unforgivable. They believe they would be condemned to hell.

  2. Sorry, but I find the comment by CCT deeply unhelpful. I have actually known and spoken to enough living, breathing Muslims over the years to know FOR SURE that the “all Muslims” line run there is not true in practice. Lived a few hundred metres from a mosque for over 15 years too. On the other hand, my fear that all the “us and them” language about “kufr” (or analogous ideas in the other Abrahamic religions) that fanatics particularly love are a curse on the one world we all must share. For more, do read the post I have linked in my sidebar: I’m just sick of arguing!

    My own position as of 2008 was and still is:

    Theology and religion need to be humbled too, but the stumbling block, I’m afraid, is the outdated – now so far past its use by date as to be toxic, indeed lethal – view that God has actually spoken or written infallible things which we can now read and follow. This particular teaching is unfortunately at the centre of all the Abrahamic religions, though the way it is manifested or understood varies.

    I can believe God “speaks” – but I see that as a metaphor at best. I do not believe God has uttered contracts or documents untouched by human hands.

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