Into my 74th!

Yesterday saw some kind of resolution of our recent election, though counting continues.

  • Malcolm Turnbull has declared victory in the 2016 federal election, after Bill Shorten conceded defeat
  • Both the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader have backed e-voting as they await a formal result from the July 2 election
  • The ABC’s election computer predicts the Coalition will reach 76 seats – a slim majority – while Labor will reach 69 seats

This I am adding simply because I like it. Source: Grammarly.


Over the weekend I entered my 74th year. Lots of good wishes on Facebook, and phone chats with my brother in Tasmania and my cousin Helen here in Wollongong. Scored a free glass of wine at Diggers. Lunch with Chris T at Ziggy’s House of Nomms, which included two treats especially, the first being a sencha tea delicately scented with flowers. Lovely. The second we tried because we didn’t know what it might be, but it turns out to be a thing! Taiwan Taco Gua Bao. Lovely! This is not Ziggy’s version, but it gives you the idea.

bao-down-facebook1-edit The Ziggy’s version had lots of Enoki mushrooms. We’ll certainly be having this dish again. Otherwise we had dumplings: Yellow Scallop & Prawn; Beef Shumai; Juicy Pork Dumpling Xiaolongbao; steamed bun BBQ Pork Cha Siew. All excellent, though personally I rate the steamed bun a bit below all the rest.

Go to Ziggy’s House of Nomms on Facebook. You will find the menu there.

And I see there is, back in January, a photo of the Ziggy’s taco – though ours had more Enoki.


Nomm nomm, indeed.

One resolution Chris T and I made was to return in the near future to Samaras, the lovely Shiraz no longer serving Saturday lunch. See Halal on Saturday, and revamped venue (June 2015). Why go there? Well, because the food is so good, especially the traditional Lebanese dishes. But there is also the need to do something against the worst of our politics, and against things like Wollongong’s Samaras Restaurant targeted by vandals. That was in May 2016. Chris T doesn’t read the local paper nor watch the WIN news, so he was unaware of that story, and quite shocked when I told him.

Operators of a popular Muslim-owned restaurant in Wollongong say they fear a damaging break-in at the business was targeted.

Vandals forced entry to Corrimal Street’s Samaras Restaurant overnight Wednesday and made off with a small amount of cash.

Staff arrived Thursday morning to find the restaurant deliberately flooded and four electronic tablets – used for bookings, orders and administration –submerged in the overflowing kitchen sink…

“Instead of taking the tablets and selling them – which is easy to do – they’ve actually [destroyed] them.

“Did it happen because these people are sending us a message? Did they target us? No one else was hit, that’s what I don’t understand.”

Wollongong Police are investigating the break and enter, which comes after a high-profile three weeks for Mr Nemer, a well-known pro-diversity campaigner.

He engineered the restaurant’s #illeatwithyou campaign in March 2015, when it became the target of anti-Islamic online abuse.

More recently he spoke out over a vandalism attack at the Unanderra barber shop of a friend, Bilal El Mohamad…


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