And my footie tipping went south too…

Here is Wollongong Town Hall in election mode, but for the NSW election of 2015.


Back then I boasted “Now that will surprise some of you! I am a participant, and this round … which finishes tonight I have done rather well!” Alas, not this round. After 2 July 2016 I am no longer #1 in the Diggers Competition.

Yesterday the queue at the Town Hall was long. Took an hour to get through, and no barbecue sausages or cakes, Jim Belshaw!

Local election results were pretty much as expected. Two-party adjusted:

Screenshot - 3_07_2016 , 9_06_30 AM

So a slight swing against the Libs and to Labor, with a 3.05% swing to the Greens, and the nice young man from the Science Party did OK for a first timer. I do like that on that AEC page you can check each booth in the electorate. I was interested particularly in the pre-polling figures. There the Greens did better.

So the outcome as of this morning is a bit of a surprise, though we knew it would be close.

OK, let’s keep this simple: