Photoblog recycle: July 2009

Seven years have passed! Oh my!

Glebe Point Road 11: Cornstalk Bookshop

Posted on July 24, 2009 by Neil

According to the Dictionary of Phrase and Fable by E. Cobham Brewer, 1894, “in Australia and the United States, youths of colonial birth are so called from being generally both taller and more slender than their parents.”  Naturally when in 1979 Paul Feian began a bookshop specialising in Australiana he called it Cornstalk. You can spend a lot of your time on his site, or in his shop with its amazing rickety staircase and floorboards which look in places as if they might collapse under you – but they haven’t in thirty years.

glebe 021

That’s Paul at work outside his shop.

glebe 022

The upstairs room holds memories for me: see Glebe revisited.

Summer will come again

Posted on July 20, 2009 by Neil

This was taken in Surry Hills on 4 January 2009. Not the weather for this now!

jan04 006a

Glebe Point Road 5 — Gleebooks

Posted on July 19, 2009 by Neil

Gleebooks is one of Glebe’s great success stories – one that I have seen from the start. The pictures here are of the main store, but there is a second-hand and children’s branch up past St Johns Road – the original Gleebooks – and currently a vast sale barn in the old Russell’s Health Food store. In the late 1970s two English Literature students, Roger Mackell and David Gaunt, between bouts of taxi driving, had jobs working for Tony, a rather large ex-Sydney Grammar teacher, in a small second-hand bookshop. They inherited the shop, and the rest is history. In late 1978 I used to sometimes stay overnight at Roger’s place in Glebe, having moved back to Wollongong in advance of taking up work again in 1979 at Wollongong High after secondment to Education at Sydney University.

I have spent more money than I should in this wonderful shop, even making a purchase the day I took these.

glebe 013

glebe 011

Elizabeth Street: July passing parade 1

Posted on July 13, 2009 by Neil

I love taking photos of people just being themselves. My photos generally cover just a few kilometres from home base, but there’s always a passing photo to be seen. Never the same river twice and all that…

1207 006a