M in Europe

I mentioned M’s travels at the end of May.

Speaking of France, M is currently there on the first leg of quite a long European tour. He is also experimenting with his camera it seems. This is his take on the artists’ market in Montmartre.

On 16 June M sent a very detailed email from Venice.

I am in Venice, love the city, from high school I always wanted to  come here to see the city, so far my travelling so good… Paris is interesting, people quite relaxed, full of tourists, especially Chinese, I am so glad to see them enjoying themselves, many independent travellers too from China, make me proud to be Chinese.

Went to a Moroccan Belgium wedding in Brussels, it was great… I couldn’t stop dancing, North African people are so warm and love music and dancing, we had a crazy night, the wedding reception started 7pm and we just kept drink and dancing to 5am…See some pics on face book!

It felt so good to catch up with 2 friends I have not see for 15 years, since we departed from Nepal Everest base camp and India Darjeeling…

Love Amsterdam, I feel relaxed and comfortable, people are very friendly, I can easily connect to the city and its people.

Went to Switzerland for a few days and took a most famous train ride in the world ( Bernina Express), the only world heritage train ride, what was even better is I only paid 29 eur from Basel stop Zurich one day and use same ticket again for the wonderful Bernina Express.

Enjoyed 2 days in Verona and going to Bologna tomorrow. Will be in  Barcelona some times July, will keep you informed!