Everyone’s travelling….

In my case in time rather than space…


That was recently posted on Facebook’s Old Sydney Album.  It shows Taylor Square in 1959 – the year I did the Leaving Certificate at nearby Sydney Boys High. I may even have been on that tram…  The photo is taken from outside the Oxford Hotel.

Meanwhile at least four of the people I know are gallivanting around the world right now. My cousin Helen and her husband Jim sent me a postcard from Arles in the south of France. Not this one, but it will do as a stand-in:


They are nor just gallivanting as part of their itinerary is visiting their son in Sweden.

Speaking of France, M is currently there on the first leg of quite a long European tour. He is also experimenting with his camera it seems. This is his take on the artists’ market in Montmartre.


Finally, Chris T, my usual Saturday lunch companion, is gourmet travelling in Japan, after which Germany…

I am in West Wollongong, where it is still coolish…