Retirement: seems like yesterday

The previous post got me looking in my archives for 2005.

Goodbye to teaching

03 Dec 2005

I really have been running out of steam this year, you know. So this last week my paper-work closing this chapter in my life was sent to the Department of Education. Of course, God willing, I should still be doing a modicum of casual work and coaching, but let others take up the torch.

Like The Rabbit.

Or George B (class of 2001) who has been casual teaching at The Mine this past two weeks.

George B was a Head Teacher Administration at SBHS as of 2015!

Reading to be taught in the old way – National –

03 Dec 2005

Mark my words: in ten years or less reports will be commissioned in Australia, the UK, and the US into the failure of a phonics-centred approach to the teaching of reading. Why? Because we have been down this road so often before in the last one hundred years or more — but people never learn that either/or fails every time, do they?

There are voices of reason:

This week a leading Melbourne education academic warned that an over-reliance on the teaching of phonics to children with learning difficulties could do more harm than good.

After a two-year study of 450 five- and six-year-olds with reading problems, the head of the University of Melbourne’s Unit for Exceptional Learning and Gifted Education, Dr John Munro, warned of the danger of returning to a pre-1980s system heavily reliant on phonics in early literacy programs.

Dr Munro said many five-year-olds experiencing difficulties in learning to read needed to develop other skills before they were capable of understanding phonics. “Trying to teach phonics to children with these problems will simply frustrate the children and waste a lot of money.”


Parents and teachers: see Professor John Munro: LITERACY AND HOW TO TEACH IT.

Alas, ten years on and that unnecessary squabble about teaching reading continues…

Well that’s that at The Mine

21 Dec 2005

Just back from my last end-of-term drinks (at the Bat and Ball) as a staff member at The Mine, though it is likely I will reappear there in various casual and consultative guises. It’s a more inclusive place and much less macho than it was twenty years ago, and that is all to the good.

I like to think I have had some degree of hand in that, some of which you can see on my other blog, though much really is down to natural change. Some people said some very nice things to me.

“The Mine”