Mr Disappointment 2016: the person formerly known as Turnbull

Chances are they will win, of course, but not with my vote. That one-time charming QandA star Malcolm Turnbull appears to be drugged or something these days. He now defends the indefensible with an enthusiasm hardly matched by the unlamented ex-PM TA. Remember when we were so exercised by the difference between robot Julia and Real Julia? Seems it’s happening again. Welcome robo-pollie Malcolm. Perhaps that has been the “real” Malc all along.

Before we go further, consider illiterate lazy bastard reffo Deng Thiak Adut. Remember him? He delivered the NSW Australia Day Address this year. See Connecting present and past posts…Now consider Malc’s stout defence of our nauseating Minister for Immigration.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has backed Peter Dutton, saying he is an “excellent” Immigration Minister and that he is right to say that many of the refugees who could head to Australia are illiterate.

Earlier Opposition Leader Bill Shorten lashed out at Mr Dutton, likening him to Pauline Hanson and accusing him of “insulting the millions of migrants” who have made Australia great.


Peter Dutton

Now for the story about Peter Buffoon:

When Australia’s immigration minister spoke out about the level of literacy and numeracy among migrants late on Tuesday, he was addressing what has become one of the hot potatoes of this election season.

With the build-up to the 2 July vote now in full swing, Peter Dutton responded to proposals by the opposition Labor party to increase annual refugee numbers from 13,750 to 27,000.

“They won’t be numerate or literate in their own language, let alone English,” he told Sky News. “These people would be taking Australian jobs, there’s no question about that.”

At this point, it is important to point out that 26% of the population of Australia is foreign-born. That’s some 5.8m people, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), with a fair few voters among them.

In the hours after Mr Dutton’s interview, plenty of those people, their children and their supporters took to social media to respond…

A number of people mentioned the work of Munjed al-Muderis, a surgeon who fled Iraq after ignoring army orders to cut off the ears of deserters. He arrived in Australia by boat, and went on to become one of the country’s most prominent orthopaedic surgeons, known for his work helping amputees.

Another prominent refugee is Hieu Van Le, the governor of the state of South Australia, who travelled to Australia by boat in 1977 having fled his native Vietnam…

Thanks to Jim Belshaw for linking to that BBC story, and see Jim’s post Election threads – budget cuts, Liberal Party hypocrisy, the LDP and the Streisand Effect, stop the boats is back. (Incidentally, I also see in Jim’s post the “budget savings” move to close down the ABC’s Fact Check. Guess what the real reason might be? More from Mr Disappoinment’s team…)

Let me conclude today’s vent with The Shovel.

Illiterate Man Takes Australian Job

A man who can hardly string a sentence together let alone read, has secured one of the top jobs in the Australian Government.

“I got job,” the man – who is in charge of determining who enters the country – said last night.

Responding to a proposal to increase the nation’s refugee intake to 50,000, the man wrote in a statement, “That number is to big. We need a number wot we can count to. Like 20 or somefink. Actually maybe 10”.

Critics say the man is taking jobs away from Australians who can count and speak.

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See Michelle Grattan, Peter Dutton: a menace to multicultural Australia:

In some quarters Dutton’s outburst, which was quickly challenged on points of fact, will resonate politically. In others, it will flow on to sully the reputation of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Turnbull did not slap down Dutton. That’s what surely his instinct would have tempted him to do. But in the election “whatever it takes” prevails. Border control is being relentlessly pushed by the Coalition against Labor, although government sources reject suggestions Dutton was put up to what he said.

Turnbull adopted the barrister’s approach. He praised Dutton extravagantly, as an “outstanding immigration minister”, on both border security and resettlement.

He then extensively reworked and redirected the thrust of Dutton’s argument into more palatable, less provocative terms, essentially saying that we can’t take more refugees than we can properly look after and integrate…

Turnbull’s celebration of Dutton as an “outstanding” immigration minister is a combination of shocking and ridiculous. Turnbull himself has not chosen to have him on cabinet’s national security committee. Dutton is a divisive figure, most at home with political head-kicking and policies of enforcement. The toughness required of a minister overseeing border control does not preclude having some compassion, which Dutton does not show…

Next day:

Mr Turnbull’s justification: The truth is our successful multicultural society is built on secure borders. But see also Dutton’s comments divide in an effort to conquer by Barrie Cassidy. The comment thread there gives too much evidence of the damage done to our national debate by the way this issue has been polarised. For example, this chump:

Mr Cassidy, you will never be able to come to terms with this situation while you continue to parade dishonesties like “Why, then, are refugees – for that’s what most of them are …”. They are not refugees. None of them are. They arrived illegally via the services of criminal people smugglers. They are illegal economic migrants.

Yes, he is smacked down pretty quickly because what he says is grossly untrue.

Oh for the days of John Howard when there were members of the government who conscientiously objected to the line their own party was taking on asylum seekers, who said so, and were allowed to say so. The current NSW Premier’s father, for example. I don’t find it strange that there are those in the Opposition who are not too keen on the solution their own party came up with at their last party conference. Let there be more than just two options up for discussion, I say. And said. See Now we musn’t get misty-eyed….


Deng Thiak Adut is also disappointed:

A Sudanese refugee chosen by NSW Premier Mike Baird to deliver this year’s Australia Day address says he has always voted Liberal since arriving in Australia but has withdrawn his support for the party in response to Peter Dutton’s comments on job-stealing asylum seekers…


Just caught up with Jim Belshaw’s Election threads – Minister Dutton.