So I tried ABC’s “Vote Compass”

I do recommend Vote Compass.

Based on your responses to a brief questionnaire, Vote Compass generates an analysis of how your views compare to the positions of the candidates in a given election.

This analysis is restricted to the specific issues included in the Vote Compass questionnaire and may not necessarily reflect your perceived political affiliation or intended vote choice.

The analysis generated by Vote Compass contains several different outputs, including a Cartesian plane and a bar graph. Each output measures something different and reflects a practical reality in which people think about politics in multiple ways. Some think in terms of ideology and others in terms of public policy issues. Vote Compass visualises your results in each of these terms, leaving you free to decide which are most suitable for your purposes.

I found it well designed and up-to-date. The overview of my political leanings came out thus:

Screenshot - 17_05_2016 , 8_28_55 AM

Not too surprising. See this repost from 2007:

Political Compass

11JUL 2007

Inspired by Thomas I also retook the Political Compass test, which has, I see, been updated since 2001! I’m afraid I am still in the Gandhi quarter, just a little to the right of him. At least it ties in with my OzPolitics result [no longer available].

Bit of a dreamer, I am…

The OzPolitics test has gone, but fortunately I posted this:

OzPolitics rated me as follows:


Surprised me just a bit…

See also Vote Compass: Australians have no regrets about Tony Abbott’s removal and Vote Compass: Why so many Australians are looking for direction. From the second one:

The very strong interest in the ABC’s Vote Compass shows Australians remain intensely interested in politics and public policy. But it also tells us a lot about the failure of our political parties to connect with us, writes Mark Triffitt.

More than one million Australians are likely to take part in the Vote Compass online survey in the lead up to July 2 federal election.

That makes Vote Compass – which is tracking voter opinions on key election issues for a second successive federal poll – both a political and internet phenomenon.

Its popularity, however, highlights both good and bad news for Australia’s democracy.,,,

Pedantic point.  Mark Triffitt writes: “…their growing distemper with Australian democracy overall suggests the real problem lies with the current delivery system of politics, particularly its substance and style.” Distemper?

noun: distemper

  1. a viral disease of some animals, especially dogs, causing fever, coughing, and catarrh.

  2. archaic

    political disorder.

    “an attempt to illuminate the moral roots of the modern world’s distemper”


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  1. He must mean discontent – but understandable usage.

    btw, I took the “test” and found myself in the top left hand corner (to the left of the Greens).

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