Yes we have an election in Oz

It is a rather long affair this time, but as nothing compared with the interminable goings-on in US elections. But of course we are not electing a president. We already have a head of state.

Here in Wollongong I am in the seat of Cunningham. All I can vote for is the representative for that seat. I do not vote for a Prime Minister, who will be whoever leads the party that controls the House of Representatives. Of course many of us vote for our local representative in line with the party whose leader we want as Prime Minister, so there is a “presidential” element to the election, but ideally not. As it happens I am quite satisfied with Sharon Bird, our local member. As of this moment the current governing party, the Liberal Party led by Malcolm Turnbull, has not selected a candidate for this electorate. I am sure they will. I am equally sure whoever it is has Buckley’s chance  of winning.

Meantime, consider Malcolm Turnbull. I used to rather like him, but as I said on Facebook the other day:

I fear we are doomed to hear countless variations on Malcolm Turnbull’s “most exciting time to be a wombat” speech over the next two months. It has already lost its freshness for me…

One of my ex-students from long ago commented: not as bad as having to listen to the inane mantra “jobs and growth”, “jobs and growth”, “jobs and growth”, oh yeah and “jobs and growth”

Or as someone in the Herald letters has it, a character (maybe a footballer?) called Jobson Grothe.

Love this cartoon from the Bendigo Advertiser.


Voting for the Senate promises more scope. I will really have to think this one through. It isn’t every day we get to choose ALL the senators in one go. And for what it is worth I think I like the revision to the ballot papers.

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Liberals name Illawarra candidates for upcoming federal election: Wollongong City Councillor Michelle Blicavs. Still no chance…