Night work on Mount Keira Road – and morning encounter

These road-making machines are just amazing!




Job done in a few hours.

And then this morning on the way back from Yum Yum Cafe I was knocked down by a car. Not too serious, fortunately. Yes, I was in a pedestrian crossing. I was almost across when a silly old bastard with thick glasses decided not to stop….

Update 4 May

I am a touch sore and bruised this morning. The doc will review me in a couple of days.


One thought on “Night work on Mount Keira Road – and morning encounter

  1. That’s shocking about the pedestrian crossing: he must have been a very silly old person. You (we hope) have been lucky but what about the next time he does this?

    Sometimes we think we are OK after this sort of thing and we don’t want to make a fuss but we really aren’t so I hope you didn’t try to diminish it or brush it off as nothing. Also hope it hasn’t proved to be more serious as the effects sink in.

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