…’cause I’m a union man…

Yes,I do strongly believe in the necessity of good trade unions in a society like ours. Yesterday I went down to Diggers in Wollongong around noon, wearing, as it happened, my Teachers Federation badge. But I had clean forgotten this:



That’s the 2014 May Day March in Wollongong

In Diggers were quite a few of our trade union identities and others who had marched. My badge was spotted and I was invited to join them. Well, there wasn’t at that moment many other places to sit… But they were very welcoming.


That’s Arthur Rorris from the South Coast Labour Council. Although I had (wrongly) predicted that he would win our local seat in the 2015 NSW elections, I had never met him until yesterday. Very personable. I sat next to a local teacher and had a good chat about matters educational.

After, Chris T and I lunched at that wonderful Persian Restaurant Shiraz. Chelo kabab shahi (one skewer of marinated chicken and one skewer of lamb mince) served with saffron rice and grilled tomato, and prawn Saganaki. Both delicious. See also Eating halal food again… and Reclaiming Australia Persian-style in Wollongong.


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