Just back from East Redfern/Moore Park

Had dinner with M last night – Cleveland Street’s “Little India”. Stayed overnight at M’s in East Redfern. Been quite a while since I was last there. Here are a couple of memories, as I had no camera this time.


M’s orchid 2009: On a balcony overlooking South Dowling Street.


South Dowling Street from M’s Balcony 2009

I did spot the weird structure taking up an inordinate amount of space in Moore Park. Bloody awful, and useless! See Bridge to nowhere: The plan to give away Moore Park (ABC Radio National 20 March 2016).

Mark Davis: It’s Saturday night at the Sydney Football Stadium, less than an hour before kick off between the Waratahs and the Reds, and the stadium is starting to fill. Thousands of fans are trudging up the hill from Central Station in the CBD, a kilometre away.

To finally get into the ground, fans have to cross here at the intersection of Anzac Parade and Moore Park Road. 400 metres down the road sits a new and rather gigantic pedestrian bridge. But the fans are still crossing here at the lights.

Why choose here and not the bridge as your crossing point?

Man: Because this is a direct line. It’s in the wrong spot.

Mark Davis: It should have been here, if it was a bridge it should have been there.

Man: It’s in the wrong spot. Any dill can work that out. It was always in the wrong spot up there.

Mark Davis: And if you look over there I think there’s a couple of people on that bridge, it’s bizarre…

Tibby Cotter Bridge aerial shot ABC

This month the new stadium scheme came unstuck: Football codes unite against Mike Baird’s plan to build on Sydney Football Stadium site.