My blog is all about getting older!

When I adopted that badge on my old blog some years ago I guess it foreshadowed what my blogs would really become.

Post after post is about nostalgia, no matter what the surface topic may be. Yesterday is a good example. I bring this up because two recently read items inspire me.

First a fellow septuagenarian, our blogging friend Ramana from Pune. Look at his latest posts The Old Days and Aging. From them I have borrowed these.


aging-jpg Well, one might hope so…. But I can apply this to my own posts in recent years: “Oddly enough, the last week’s post on The Old Days somehow leads naturally to this topic as after all it is the aged who want to talk or write about them.”

Then today in the Sun-Herald  Sydney’s most colourful barrister and model for TV’s Rake, Charles Waterstreet, writes Nothing is gentle about going towards that good night. It is one of his best columns, but then that opinion may reflect how much I see myself in some of what he says.

Your diary fills up with doctors not dates, you spend spare nights inspecting dark spots on your body and compare the phone picture you took with Dr Google’s array of suspicious spots. The sun has been a harsh mistress, a cruel dominatrix. Who knew? …

You worry about dementia, but you forgot where you put the book on its symptoms. It’s one thing to feel old, but you dread worse, that you look old. You know you’re on your last legs when more and more people, upon greeting you, say how well you’re looking. You wonder which will be your last Olympics….

After all, I did call my blog before this one Neil’s final decade!