More “Neil’s Decades” – 10: 1986 again

The other day Facebook did one of those “your memory” things. I chose to send it to my news feed.


That’s part of a Sydney Boys High staff photo from 1986. I am back row centre. The Facebook post has received a number of “likes” and comments. For example:

Danial S: I was born in 1986

Damian J: Holy moly – I recognise some of those suspicious looking characters. And I didn’t notice this 3 years ago…

Russell W: Tess Kenway was lovely… that’s her next to you isn’t it, Neil? Fun to see this pic.

Philip Costello: This is how you looked when I met you!

Damian and Russell were students at SBHS at that time. Philip Costello was by then one of my flatmates in Chippendale. On that see Redfern Visions 26: East Redfern 4 (2008) and Facebook does it for me again… (2011)

And on Sydney High, especially 1986, I have posted a lot. Just a few examples: Class of 1986 please note: you’re getting old! (2011), More “Neil’s Decades” –8: 1956 — 1, and Expedition to Surry Hills – 3 – Sydney Boys High.

See More “Neil’s Decades” — 1: 1986 – thirty years on since the Class of 1986! See I return to teaching — 1985.

I have mentioned the class of 1986 several times – for example Philip Larkin 1922-1985.

Indirectly, as often happens, I found myself passing from a rather good blog post by J R Benjamin — What Kipling’s “Recessional” Means for Todayto the poems of Philip Larkin. I had not looked at Larkin’s work all that often since memorably teaching it to the Class of 1986 at Sydney Boys High – memorably for me as well as for them. Hence the cryptic remarks on the card accompanying the bottle of Veuve Clicquot that wonderful class gave me at the end of 1986.


SBHS 1986

In contrast to 1986 look at 2000, when after being there and back again I was teaching another great class at SBHS:


And what ravages 16 more years have wrought I will for the moment suppress…  Or you could look at this 2015 post: On being my own great-grandpa, and Shiraz again. (My beard is feral/Marx-like again.)