St Patrick’s Day but no parade

Not in Sydney this year at any rate.

A significant funding shortfall has been blamed for the cancellation of this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade through the centre of Sydney.

Sydneysiders have been celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with an annual parade through the CBD streets since the 1800s, and it will be the first year the city will go without a parade since 1979.

Poor weather on parade day for the past couple of years led to a funding shortfall of around $150,000, meaning this year’s event has to be scrapped, according to the President of the Sydney St Patrick’s Day Organisation, Robert Kineavy.

“In 2014, the parade was on in Hyde Park,” Mr Kineavy said.

“The weather during the day was very good to start with, but half an hour into the parade, the event was hit by thunderstorms … and it pretty much rained the event out.” he said.

He says the event costs are usually between $250,000 and $300,000 each year.

The event went ahead in 2015, with a hope that it would raise the additional funds to pay off the previous event.

In the end the day only broken even, and this year’s planners decided there was not enough money for a parade, despite 2016 being the 100-year anniversary of The Easter Rising against British rule.


As it was outside Sydney Town Hall

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Posted on March 17, 2015 by Neil

As you may recall my father’s family descended from an Irish convict who arrived in Sydney 10 March 1822, and his son who joined him age 14 as a free settler in 1826. They came from this bit of Ireland, or nearby:


I am not sure where they would have stood on St Patrick’s Day – which is of course today. See National Museum of Australia.

Here in Wollongong one joint that will be jumping is Dicey Riley’s near the railway station. I won’t be there though.


Mount Keira Road this morning