You must remember this…

Another of those pleasant teacher moments came via this morning’s email.

Back in September 2010 I posted Old times revisited.

After lunch I called in at The Illawarra Grammar School, where I used to work and had a chat with Rob Whitton, an English teacher there now, whom I taught in the Class of 1971!

It turns out that John Traas, the person I thought I had seen in Wollongong in January, is dead. It  seems I saw an amazing doppelganger, whose name apparently is Bill – see the comment on that post. I saw the same person in Sydney a few weeks back and spoke to him, and it definitely isn’t John, but the resemblance even close-up is amazing.




Gift received today

It also turns out that Rob at one stage was a colleague of Kim Jaggar, current SBHS principal! Apparently KJ once gave ennui as a reason for a day off and it was accepted! 🙂

This morning’s email:

I found your blog as I was trying to find my old blogs from 5 years ago. So good to see that you still soldier on. I remember the day you came to visit and it was a shame that we didn’t have more time to talk. I have plenty of time now – I retired last year from full time teaching and now I do some casual to keep the wolf from the door… Are you still in the Gong or have you fled back to Sydney? If you are, any chance of a coffee and a chat? …

I did just want to say that your brief sojourn as my teacher in 1971 was very formative for me. It was the first time my teacher was near my own age, not a clergyman and someone who spoke the same language that we did. My introduction to the music of Michael Pretorius and that whole period and style of music was one of the most important cultural moments of my life and I have you to thank for that. I know how important it is that teachers hear from students that they have made a difference in their lives because it is, in the end, what we do/did what we do/did.

Would love to hear from you and get together for a yarn – two old warriors warming their feet by the fire having flung the torch to those who follow. Too melodramatic? Too metaphorical? Too twee? My apologies….

1971! Naturally I will be saying yes.