My fourth blogging Leap Year

Checking the archives I find My third blogging Leap Year (29 February 2012). A sample:

Although later on I added some offline entries back to late 1999, my “blog” – then called a diary – actually began with this entry:

29 April, 2000: 6:07AM

“M offered to pay for private hospital! My life changed absolutely when he came into it. I hope the delay hearing about his citizenship application does not indicate a problem. It shouldn’t. But there will undoubtedly be more about M as this journal grows.” QUOTE FROM MY JOURNAL Christmas Eve  1996.
* * *
M finally got his Australian citizenship in 1997. The process had begun in 1991. I had my hernia operation around Anzac Day 1997 at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (an excellent public hospital) after a six month wait as it was elective surgery; hence M’s offer 4-5 months earlier. I had meantime found another use for bicycle shorts, though I don’t recommend them as underwear in a Sydney summer. I saw Mardi Gras 1997 on TV in emergency at Prince Alfred where I was waiting to have the hernia pushed back into place, having for once failed to do so myself, only to be told by a cheerful nurse after the deed was done that it was just as well she’d succeeded as they couldn’t have admitted me anyway because they had no beds.,,

And then I see the entry for 28 February 2012 a one-year anniversary.

Doctor of Quitology.

The highest Degree in the science of Quitology; conferred upon a QuitNet member who has reached One Year smoke-free.

Yes this time one year ago – or the day after to be quite accurate – I informed you:

Where I am right now…

Wollongong Hospital after a small heart attack… I’ll be here a little while yet.

My last cigarette was on 28 February 2011 while waiting for the ambulance…

I no longer visit Quitnet, except on Facebook, since it went a major upgrade after which I didn’t renew membership. However, based on the figures in that 2012 post I am now just FIVE days off FIVE YEARS QUIT!

So that’s 91,340 cigarettes I haven’t smoked, worth at least $58,400 – probably nearer SIXTY THOUSAND at today’s price for B&H!