Remember the stack?

The Illawarra Mercury has a good feature on it.

Boom! The iconic copper stack came down on February 20, 2014. Relive all the action with our blow-by-blow account and extreme close-up video.

The Port Kembla Copper stack spent its final hours firmly in the limelight; a beacon for photographers, the sentimental and people who like to see things – especially big things – explode….

I blogged about it the next day – two years ago now.

Icon gone, and some sadder and more frustrating things…

Posted on February 21, 2014 by Neil

Can’t have a Wollongong blog without mentioning The Stack. Here it was in November 2012 on the left edge of this photo – a really obvious landmark.

Yesterday it was spectacularly demolished. Chilby Photography set up a nice visual comment on Facebook – just kidding!


But it is true that concerns about asbestos and other toxic ingredients in the stack and the dust cloud following its fall were expressed.

Do go to the original post to see the other topic of that day. Alas, nothing much has changed since…