February 2007 and rediscovering

It is so odd looking back at my blog for February 2007. Some memories are fading or have faded, such as this party…

February 18, 2007 is the first day of the Chinese new year.

18 Feb 2007


Linked picture.
M’s party later on. I will tell you what I can of it later.


M’s party was magic. 🙂

More on M’s party

19 Feb 2007

M has a talent for friendships that cross all kinds of barriers, as the party showed last night. He also has a strong sense of privacy, so I can’t report in detail. But “Marcel Proust” already knows, as he was there. So were Simon H, Sirdan, and the artist David Humphries. There were around forty people in fact, and in true Chinese fashion M spent most of his time in the kitchen.

I did get photographed by William Yang.

Then there’s this…

DVD — Amelie (2001)

22 Feb 2007

Wonderful movie!

Thomas has done such a fine job on this movie I will simply refer you to one of my top five favourites of all time on Deus Lo Vult.

…So, if you’re someone who is easily swayed by a wanna-be reviewer, then hopefully I’ve done enough of a job to make you go out and see this fine film. Then again, if you hate people who think they can review a film and pass it off as good, and want to try and see how wrong I truly am, here’s the answer: go and see the film. Either way, it’s a win-win situation: you get to see the film, and when you come back saying just how good Amelie really is, I win. And even if you don’t like the premise of the film, or romantic plots and themes, at least you will have been exposed to a masterfully created technical film, and it would be hard to not appreciate, or even acknowledge, this. Although I do find it difficult to believe that someone could possibly find this movie bad at all.

I will certainly be watching it again, soon.

Is this now so long ago?

Celebration of an amazing man

22 Feb 2007

procession.jpgI arrived at St James Church an hour before Phil Day’s funeral only to find the church already filling up. What an amazing talent the man had for sustaining circles of friendship over decades, and how deeply was he appreciated by generations of students! St James seats 1,000 or more and it was packed, with hundreds standing in the side aisles. Australian of the Year Tim Flannery read the Old Testament Lesson (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-9). The readings and hymns had been chosen by Phil himself, I was told. I saw so many young men who used to be kids I (and Phil) taught… Young men of many ethnicities and faiths whose lives he had touched. Many bore witness to that, such as that anonymous reviewer on RateMyTeachers.com: “5 5 5 Best teacher. Ever.”

Today was a total reminder of what some teachers are and what they give. It is not often one sees this so spectacularly demonstrated as it was today.

Phil was a person of faith too and St James was his church…

And what a historical site that church is, designed by convict architect Francis Greenaway, facing his Hyde Park Convict Barracks across Queen’s Square. I found myself seated by the wall plaque for explorer Edmund Kennedy (1818 – 1848).

I had to leave before the service was over — it was a full High Church Requiem Eucharist — as coaching in Chinatown had to go on.

There was some Cheney-related trouble in the city today, but I managed to avoid it.