Lost Wollongong again

I discovered the Lost Wollongong Tumblr towards the end of January and thought I would check if there were some new items. There are. Here are three that appeal to me.


Stuart Park and Fairy Meadow Beach from Smiths Hill in the early 1900’s (Wollongong City Library)


Crown Street looking east across Church Street in the early 1960’s.



Crown Street looking east from Keira Street in the 1950’s. Lowes is still in the same place (Wollongong City Library)

See the Lost Wollongong main site.

Lost Wollongong members have contributed over 15,000 photos from their personal collections and open sources for preservation and everyone to enjoy…

You can also add your own photos of Wollongong, old and new, to our community heritage forum. Simply go the ‘Photos’ tab at the top of the page, find the album you want to add your photos to, press ‘Add Photos’ and they will be preserved for everyone’s enjoyment.

I have added a few over the years,

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