Photoblog recycle: February 2014

Keeping in mind that there is no photoblog as such any more…

At Diggers – and a month to review

Posted on February 1, 2014 by Neil

I had lunch at Wollongong Diggers yesterday.


In case you are not from Oz, that means this is originally a club for ex-military types, and the tradition carries on – though these days, despite the fact that the local RSL Sub Branch is housed here, the club is a very multicultural place really, though we pensioners do dominate at least during the day. But you will hear all kinds of languages being spoken by members and visitors – Macedonian, Serbian, Chinese, even German – which is quite a tasty irony in a way.


Last Friday the conversation I was engaged in was so fascinating we talked right through “The Ode” – a daily ritual – 4pm in Wollongong — that may seem odd but which I respect. This Friday we made sure not to repeat the gaffe. My friend is a retired Port Kembla wharf labourer originally from Liverpool on the Mersey, born the same year as John Lennon – and yes as a young man he frequented the original Cavern, though for the jazz rather than the Beatles.  Of such things were we talking when “The Ode” came on Friday last….

Timely reading, the travails of a club, and a virtual Greek holiday

Posted on February 4, 2014 by Neil

…Yesterday I had lunch at The Hellenic Club. There have been changes there. I knew that the club has been trying to reinvigorate with a very nice paint job, new carpet, and some other renovations. Clearly the place has been struggling. Sadly there has been a down side: the death of the greatest secret in Wollongong, the Monday roast – originally $8, more recently $10.

That was 2012. Sophia, the then cook, has now gone. I have to admit that while this was to die for, and I had my fair share in the past three years, it was hard to see where the profit might be! On an average day, that is excluding special days or functions, there would only be a handful of people. Occasionally I have dined solo!  Nor does the club have a roaring trade in pokies. A member told me yesterday that the place had indeed been running at a loss. He even named a figure, but I won’t repeat it…

Feb 2016: The club survives but I go there very rarely nowadays.

Wollongong Friday Market — 1

Posted on February 8, 2014 by Neil

The Friday Markets have moved up Crown Street as the refurbishing of the Mall continues. I rather like the change!