Photoblog recycle: February 2013

The photoblog finished in February 2013: see last post.

So I have decided on a fresh start — not the first time, as regular followers will know. But there is a reason. I wanted to cut loose from the “obligation” of City Daily Photo, and I wanted to not even pretend to have anything much of note to say.

This current blog was that “fresh start”. Posted there in February 2013, among other things, were:

新年快乐–Happy New Year

Posted on February 10, 2013 by Neil


Horses in the Manning Building, Chinatown Sydney

Spent a lot of time there at one stage…


In the Chinese Garden, Darling Harbour – 2008

Talking about the weather

Posted on February 27, 2013 by Neil

This morning in West Wollongong:


Looks pretty, eh!  But we should perhaps take heed. “Red sky on the morning, shepherd’s warning./Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight.”  That is the version my father taught me. But see Wikipedia on it: quite fascinating…

Compare February 24, 2013: …Meanwhile here on the east coast it has been wet, wet, wet. Not so bad here in The Gong compared to other places.




The neighbourhood this morning.