Photoblog recycle: February 2010 — 2– Canberra

A highlight of 2010 was the trip to Canberra in February with Sirdan and P to see the Masterpieces of Paris exhibition: To Canberra to see Van Gogh etc and Canberra trip – what can you say? On the way there I took one of my best landscape photos ever — from a moving car at 110kph.

Bonus: large version of the Lake George photo

Posted on February 10, 2010 by Neil

Sirdan (who was driving the car) thinks this is the best photo I have ever taken.

Click to see full size

Black swans — Lake Burley Griffin

Posted on February 9, 2010 by Neil

The Canberra trip again. “Black swans were first seen by Europeans in 1697, when Willem de Vlamingh’s expedition explored the Swan River, Western Australia.”


For more see Canberra trip.

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  1. Love the Lake George photo Neil – well done! Also a couple of posts back that one of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – with the people seeming so happy to be doing not much at all.

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