Wollongong’s new hospital opens

Wollongong’s new private hospital opened yesterday. It dominates the view down Crown Street West Wollongong. Here is a shot taken last October early in the morning.


And this from the Illawarra Mercury:


It is certainly impressive. How may it affect us public/pensioner patients? See Hospital opening boosts surgical options:

An increase in surgical options at Wollongong Private Hospital will have a positive flow-on effect for public patients, according to neurosurgeon Dr Matthias Jaeger.

Dr Jaeger said his unit of three neurosurgeons currently conducted more than 100 brain operations at Wollongong Public Hospital each year, with privately insured patients in need of emergency surgery making up 40 per cent of those.

‘’With the opening of Wollongong Private Hospital on Monday, we will be able to offer services for private patients which will open up a lot of operating time for public patients in the public hospital system,’’ Dr Jaeger said…

We shall see.