The memorabilia series — 2009

On the now archived Ninglun’s Specials in January 2009 I had a series of memorabilia posts. I think they still merit visiting.

memorabilia 1: overview (also posted on Floating Life)

Posted on January 14, 2009 by Neil


This post really does connect to the one prior to it, and all of them to the various family history pages you may see in the side bar.

memorabilia 4: the card — 1951

Posted on January 15, 2009 by Neil

aaa 009 aaa 010

Inside there is a pencil note, ghostly after all these years. That’s it on the right. In case you can’t read it: “To Neil from Jeanette”. I posted her picture here in October 2008: An old picture…, and you can see more on the pages About the Whitfields: family pics for my brother and About the Whitfields: Wandering Willie’s Tales. You may read my mother’s account of what happened to her in About the Whitfields: loss.

Even after such a long time – she died 14/15 January 1952 – I find I think of her at this time of year. So does my brother, who was 16 at the time. I was 8. Amazing how much I remember though. Last night a flash memory came unbidden as I was walking down Cleveland Street and an ambulance went screaming by. Apparently aaa 013 in the ambulance on the way to hospital, sirens wailing, she said I would be jealous because I would have loved the ride. I recalled that last night for some reason. Had’n’t thought of that detail for years. “Small things can pit the memory like a cyst”  as James McCauley wrote.

It is a fluke that I still have the card. It was in the drawer of my grandfather’s bureau, which I have carried with me for decades wherever I go*. I found it and a couple of postage stamps (right) a few years back. I thought they were long gone.

* It now resides in Gympie.