Looking back: September 2015

One political event stands out, of course. BTW he fell just short of the two years:

Two years of Mr Abbott…

Posted on September 6, 2015 by Neil

Some images that we never quite saw the like of pre-Abbott:



Exit pursued by a Turnbull…

Posted on September 15, 2015 by Neil

Around 11.30am yesterday at City Diggers I said to Alex: “Will Tony Abbott be there at the end of the week?” His answer: “No.” Or as Jim Belshaw posted on Saturday: “Even if the Liberal Party holds the seat [of Canning] without the expected swing, the present Australian government is probably just too accident prone for Mr Abbott to survive.”  (Worth reviewing Jim’s posts on Mr Abbott.)

Turnbull ousts Abbott as Prime Minister in late night vote

Updated about an hour ago

Malcolm Turnbull has won a ballot for the leadership of the Liberal Party by 10 votes over Tony Abbott, and will become the 29th Prime Minister of Australia. Mr Turnbull says he’s humbled and he’s looking to lead a conversation that persuades, rather than lectures the public about the future challenges of the economy and the nation. Changes are expected to the Government frontbench, but Mr Turnbull says he’s not expecting to call an early election…

My favourite commemorative cartoon comes from the great Leunig:


Thank God Tony Abbott’s not running the country

Posted on September 24, 2015 by Neil

Looking back over the past weeks my main feeling is a truly profound sense of relief. The fact that the usual suspects – so-called conservatives — are so unhappy about the toppling of Tony just proves how right it was that it happened. Bye-bye Tones…


One could debate some of it, no doubt, but there is more than a ring of truth about the trenchant editorial in this week’s Saturday Paper….

Thank God!

My library borrowings were outstanding: National Portrait Gallery, Canberra: The Companion, David Day on Keating, and some Aussie movies.

Three great DVDs from Wollongong Library too.


Charles Bean’s Great War: “A thoroughly absorbing new documentary about Charles Bean the courageous Australian war correspondent, intellectually honest, determined to publish unpalatable truths, and to admit where he had been wrong. His description of the, ‘tender Australian public which only tolerates flattery, and that in it’s cheapest form’, rings just as true today.” Melbourne Age.


Satellite Boy (2012) starring David Gulpilil and Cameron Wallaby, filmed in the Kimberley. Well worth seeing…


Message from Mungo (2014) – thought-provoking and scrupulously fair.

Satellite Boy is on ABC1 this coming Saturday.

The random Friday memories continued: Random Friday memory 27: my first election 1966 – and now…, Random Friday memory 28: seeing the Coronation from Sutherland, Random Friday memory 29: 1961-2 – Bea Miles, Random Friday memory 30: spotting the Pardalote.

And in Surry Hills…

Sirdan at the Shakespeare

Posted on September 2, 2015 by Neil

Surry Hills yesterday. And let me say the Wollongong train both to and from Sydney was absolutely on timetable and not too crowded! So take that, Sydney Trains: a compliment.


Shakespeare Hotel front bar

More on Surry Hills and The Shakespeare

Posted on September 3, 2015 by Neil

The lovely woman behind the bar – in fact the licensee, I believe – says she has been at The Shakespeare for FORTY years. What changes she will have seen! Mind you, I was running (we found it best to run) down Devonshire Street SIXTY years ago, en route to Central from Sydney High. Back then Kate Leigh was still alive.

And what changes are coming, as I mentioned to Sirdan and B yesterday. Back in 2012 I posted Return of the tram. They have persisted with this plan

Devonshire Street will look like this:



And speaking of Surry Hills, look at this oldie: Surry Hills. I love the way the thread has become quite a thing over the years!