With a preface: photoblog recycle December 2012

You can’t make up stuff like this!

Of course it is tempting to rant again when they keep on serving up such stuff! First we have THE AMAZING TALKING SPHINCTER FROM NEW YORK – he of the comb-over and weird hand gestures. Surely he will turn out to be a  hoax perpetrated on (or by?) the Monster Raving Loony Party formerly known as the Republicans. God help us all if that particular flake ever gets near the White House. Mind you the alternative seems to be Plastic Woman at the moment…

Then we have Tony Abbott’s bad case of relevance deprivation. See Tony Abbott: I would have won the next election. In your dreams, Tones. Just grateful yet again that this man is no longer Prime Minister.

Not so Lord Monckton. He yearns for his Abbott. Remember Lord M, grandson of the legal advisor to Edward VIII aka the Duke of Windsor? See my posts Monckton: this has to be a joke… and Mormon Prof Mauls Monckton.

The daffy Lord M has been addressing a cabal of climate “skeptics” in Paris and waxing messianic about our Tones:

Former prime minister Tony Abbott was brought down because of his anti-global-warming views and would have pushed back against plans to form a world government at the Paris climate summit if still in the job.

These are the views of leading sceptic Christopher Monckton who, in an interview with Fairfax Media, also said Australian institutions such as the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO were being examined by “a formidable team of scientists and lawyers” for possible fraud over manipulating their climate data…

“[Mr Abbott] had seen through this global warming thing for what it was,” Lord Monckton said. “It’s a very nasty totalitarian attempt to set up a kind of global system of governance.”

Lord Monckton, who is a hereditary peer but not a member of the British House of Lords, said he had prophesised [sic] Mr Abbott’s demise a year before it happened because the United Nations “simply couldn’t stand the idea that there would be even one stand-out” not accepting climate change was real…

Lord Monckton said Mr Abbott was a “Mahatma – or great soul” who should rise above Australian politics and even climate change issues and devote himself to eradicating world poverty.

Now back to the pictures from December 2012

Green thought in a green shade

Posted on December 11, 2012 by Neil


Byarong Creek, Figtree NSW.

The Illawarra Brewery–and pioneer cemetery!

Posted on December 29, 2012 by Neil

A favourite of mine. I never tire of this view – it has been on this blog a lot in the last couple of years! But if you lived down here, you wouldn’t tire of it either! And then there is the beer…

…Illawarra Brewing Company (IBC) operations manager Dave McGrath says there has been a long transformation process since he and his father, Garry, took over there three years ago.

“We’re still in a constant transition of out with the old and in with the new,” Mr McGrath said. “We’re only now getting to the point where we’ve got the decor the way that we want it.”

The main motivation for the revamp is to make the most of the Tasman Sea views, which bring a lot of customers down to the brewery over summer.

“The plan has always been to capitalise on the location and better utilisation of the terrace area,” Mr McGrath said. “I feel that we’ve done that now with the different seating configurations and the timbers.”

Another aim is to make it “the home of craft beer in Wollongong”. The bar already offers at least seven IBC beers on tap as well as three or four swinging taps for other breweries’ beers. But the plan is to double the number of taps – to 20 – so that beer lovers will be spoiled for choice….




And the cemetery? See my 2011 posts Pioneers: Wollongong’s Old Roman Catholic Cemetery — 1, Pioneers: Wollongong’s Old Roman Catholic Cemetery — 2, Pioneers: Wollongong’s Old Roman Catholic Cemetery — 3.