Family bits and pieces from yesterday’s searching

Yesterday I was trying to flesh out from Trove some things my father had told me about his younger days in Shellharbour – particularly about a colony of artists that apparently was in the area in the 1920s. That last one has eluded me, but I found some nice bits and bobs.

My grandfather T D Whitfield was a builder of some note in the region: see Neil’s personal decades: 18 – 1890s – T D Whitfield. He doesn’t mention there this job:


All very necessary of course. And I remember Mr Wickham’s shop and the post office…

This 1927 story is just nice. Of course I recall Uncle George Moon and Aunt Ella from Wollongong in the 40s and 50s. Never knew Uncle George’s second name was Selwyn!


This is coincidence time. This 1953 story lists my Aunt Esme’s siblings – she was Dad’s brother Ken’s wife, and Beverley Whitfield’s grandmother.


Fisher Street is just down the road from here. I am not sure I ever met Mrs Mitchell. And speaking of Uncle Ken:


It probably looked like this:


Perhaps he got an electric one next. That ad is from 1951.