Reprise, but not entirely pleasant

You may recall from 2 September 2014 More information than you asked for…


Alas, it happened again overnight last Friday with the climax around 6.30 Saturday morning. As of today things have much settled down.  I suspect Clostridium. See also How to avoid food poisoning from Choice. The whole article is worth reading.

The three top avoidance rules

Whether the food comes from your kitchen or the local café, the basic rules of avoiding uninvited guests such as Escherichia coli O157 H7 (better known as E.Coli) or Bacillus cereus are the same.

  • Avoid the temperature danger zone. Bacteria thrive at temperatures between 4°C and 60°C. In ideal conditions, just one bacterium can become more than two million within seven hours. So, store cold food below 4°C and hot food above 60°C.
  • Avoid cross-contamination. At home, the most likely sources of harmful bacteria are raw meat and unwashed fruit and vegetables. Don’t let raw meat or juices come into contact with food that’s going to be eaten uncooked or defrosting meat drip onto other food in the fridge. Always wash your hands before starting to prepare food – and wash them again after handling raw meat.
  • When in doubt, toss it out. Most food-poisoning bacteria and their toxins have no taste or smell. The smell of putrefaction is usually due to relatively harmless bacteria called pseudomonas. So it needn’t be obvious that food’s contaminated. Can I eat it? has the answers to your dodgy-food-in-the-fridge questions.

As to where I got my dose, I am pretty sure it was the same source as September 2014. I will be informing them.