Hot in West Wollongong

St Therese’s school now lets us know how hot. This morning around 7am:


Now (9 am) it reads 27. In the past two days it has gone to 35 and seems likely to again later today. According to this map from Canada’s meteorological service it looks as if we will see more in the week beginning October 12.


Details of the past few days: Sydney weather: Temperatures to climb again as sea breezes wilt.

The city vied the hottest places anywhere in the state, with Penrith’s 37.9 degrees and Wilcannia in far-western NSW at 38.1 degrees among the few warmer locations.

Canberra, meanwhile, posted 31.7 degrees on Monday, the hottest on record this early in the season for the nation’s capital. Melbourne, too, posted a new early-season mark, with its 34.4-degree maximum.

The extended heatwave is also likely to set a series of records for consecutive days of warmth this early in the spring…

…with Monday’s top ranking as the second warmest so early in the month in more than 160 years of records, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.


Looking towards the new Wollongong Private Hospital this morning.


Rosemont Street, West Wollongong this morning.