To Surry Hills again — 1

And the Wollongong train was spot on time again both coming and going! This time the objective was lunch with M – and Max as it turned out, but not at The Shakespeare Hotel. Instead M proposed a place in Cleveland Street between Bourke and Crown: Sushi Suma.



Coming up Elizabeth Street and Cleveland Street by bus for the first time in at least six months I noted quite a few changes. Some familiar places in Little Lebanon have closed. But much is still familiar of course.



Finished the afternoon with Max at a very pleasant little bar on the corner opposite Bar Cleveland. I remembered it as a restaurant: Italian? South American? The barman was a very handsome young Mexican. Turns out it is The Black Penny. Max is a regular.

Cleveland Street welcomes another newcomer to the small bar scene.

Another day, another small bar opens in Surry Hills. This time it’s on the often troubled corner of Bourke and Cleveland Streets, which has seen many a restaurant and bar sucked into the abyss. But hopefully this latest offering may just have nailed the formula.

Black Penny, run by three local guys who left high-flying careers to get back into the hospitality industry they loved so much as students, is all for the locals. From the beer to the art on the walls and the live music three nights a week, the idea behind this bar, restaurant, gallery and gig venue is all about bringing the best of local produce to the area.

Oh, and since Cleveland Street is the boundary of Surry Hills/Redfern, both Sushi Suma and the Black Penny are in Redfern.


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