$10 two-course Monday lunch @ Diggers

In this case roast beef followed by apple pie.


See City Diggers and my past entries. Note too the food for thought: the October issue of The Monthly.

Abbott, as both the most idealistic and the most aggressive of John Howard’s protégés, learned to frame his battles as ones of national security wherever possible. Under Howard, national-security talk was used to reassure Australians that there was a strong hand at the wheel; under Abbott it looked specious and faintly sinister, and ever more pronounced…

But perhaps the most damning indictment of Abbott’s prime ministership was seen in his relationship to his own party. The “captain’s pick”, Abbott’s most notable leadership tactic, was never about acting like a captain – on the contrary, it was a way of sneaking things through, to avoid the effort of convincing his colleagues, knowing they would never agree. In the end, his cabinet barely functioned, riven by disapproving leaks.

So the party rejected him, and elected Malcolm Turnbull…