Eating halal food again…

Yes indeed. See also Reclaiming Australia Persian-style in Wollongong and On being my own great-grandpa, and Shiraz again. Chris T and I returned to the wonderful Shiraz Persian Restaurant with a very clear purpose: to eat the one main on the menu we had not tried as yet: Lamb Neck. Melt-in-the-mouth slow cooked, it was a real winner. It looked like this, though the particular one shown may be found in Los Angeles. I am sure Wollongong’s version would be as good, if not better.


Our other main – we shared of course – was exactly as follows, given that the picture comes from Shiraz’s Facebook page.


What can I say but “Yummo!” Good to see yesterday quite a few non-Persian Wollongong people discovering and enjoying. Hope that keeps this great eatery going.

And yes – all halal. Not surprising really. But they do serve wine, if desired, including Shiraz.

Not at all surprising is this recent news item: No direct link between halal certification and Islamic terrorism, Senate inquiry told.

The evidence was given by both the Australian Crime Commission and Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), the nation’s anti-money laundering intelligence agency, at the inquiry’s second hearing on Thursday morning in Sydney.

It is a common thread in the anti-halal movement to allege links between certification and terrorist organisations, but intelligence and law enforcement agencies in Australia do not think it is the case.