Random Friday memory 30: spotting the Pardalote

This is a Spotted Pardalote and its nesting burrow.


I spotted such a burrow, and the Pardalote, at Kirrawee Railway Station around 1957. It was in the embankment on the right of this much later photo.


At the time I had got into birdwatching because of where I lived: Avery Avenue, Kirrawee.


Avery Avenue, Kirrawee, where I lived 1956 through 1958, behind the tree on the left. And yes, we were close to transport.

Our garden had hundreds of flowering plants, trees and shrubs. Not far from the Hacking River and the Royal National Park, it was a paradise for birds. Armed with Neville Cayley’s classic What Bird is That? I spotted in all 42 different species during my time there, including this one:


The Eastern Spinebill: Neville Cayley watercolour