Tony Abbott makes one more promise…

…and moans about the media…


That montage comes from Loon Pond:

The big lie:
I’ve never leaked or backgrounded against anyone. And I certainly won’t start now.

So if you wear rubber gloves and your office does it for you, you didn’t do it?
Makes the pond wonder about that other promise:

There will be no wrecking, no undermining, and no sniping.

And as for the rest of the blather:
The nature of politics has changed in the past decade. We have more polls and more commentary than ever before. Mostly sour, bitter, character assassination. Poll driven politics has produced a revolving door prime ministership which can’t be good for our country. And a febrile media culture has developed that rewards treachery.
And if there’s one piece of advice I can give to the media, it’s this: refuse to print self-serving claims that the person making them won’t put his or her name to.
Refuse to connive with dishonour by acting as the assassin’s knife…

The deeply coarsened, crude and feverish media circus that brought him to power, and now he complains about it …
So now will the persons or persons who debriefed the Terror on a weekly basis come out of the closet?

Points well noted.

Brings back memories:

Oh wow! VOTING DAY!!!!

Posted on September 7, 2013 by Neil


Here in West Wollongong people were out early to vote. As was I!  This is around twenty minutes after the polling station opened:


If you really want to see the main architect of Mr Abbott’s “assassination” look no further than his display of automatic speech on 7.30 on September 9 2015. He done himself in:

LEIGH SALES: Let’s quickly run through some other issues, Prime Minister, starting with the economy. When Labor left office, unemployment was 5.8 per cent; it’s now 6.3 per cent. Growth was 2.5 per cent; it’s now two per cent. The Australian dollar was 92 cents; it’s now around 70 cents. The budget deficit was $30 billion when you took office and now it’s $48 billion. How do you explain to the Australian people that you were elected promising, in your words, to fix the budget emergency, yet in fact, Australia’s economic position has worsened under your leadership?
TONY ABBOTT: Well I don’t accept that. The boats have stopped. The carbon tax has …
LEIGH SALES: We’re talking about the economy.
TONY ABBOTT: The boats have stopped, the carbon tax has gone, the mining tax has gone. We are now on a path to sustainable surplus and we’ve got three free trade agreements finalised. If only the Labor Party and the CMFEU weren’t trying to sabotage the Free Trade Agreement with China. And we’ve got …
LEIGH SALES: Prime Minister, I just ran you through …
TONY ABBOTT: And we’ve got 335,000 more jobs. Now, …
LEIGH SALES: I just ran you through a series …
TONY ABBOTT: … that is the one achievement of which I am most proud, if I may, the 335,000 extra jobs that are there …
LEIGH SALES: Yet unemployment is still going up.

My favourite commemorative cartoon comes from the great Leunig: