Spring morning in West Wollongong

Towards the end of August 2014 I posted Choy sum in West Wollongong.

A rather wonderful old house in Crown Street West Wollongong was occupied again in the past year by an Asian family. The house seems long to have been empty. See Old houses in West Wollongong — 2 (2011). There had also been another abandoned house next door, as in this 2012 post: Jacaranda, flame tree and abandoned house. That house was transported to another part of Wollongong: West Wollongong house on the move, West Wollongong house on the move — gone.

The new occupants seem to have also taken the land on which that second house stood. On part of it they have planted Chinese greens, with a second patch in the front garden of the first house. They appear to be for their own kitchen. Recent rain has really seen the veggies thrive.


That house is again abandoned, it seems. The veggie patches are overgrown or mown down now. See how spring has brought colour to the wildreness:


Lovely morning too. See the view south from where I live: