More on Surry Hills and The Shakespeare

The lovely woman behind the bar – in fact the licensee, I believe – says she has been at The Shakespeare for FORTY years. What changes she will have seen! Mind you, I was running (we found it best to run) down Devonshire Street SIXTY years ago, en route to Central from Sydney High. Back then Kate Leigh was still alive.

And what changes are coming, as I mentioned to Sirdan and B yesterday. Back in 2012 I posted Return of the tram. They have persisted with this plan.

Mid 2015 – Early work is underway, with minor construction along the route

October 2015 – Major construction begins on George Street

Early 2016 – Major construction begins on Randwick and Kingsford branch lines

Mid 2018 – Light rail construction will be completed and testing begins

2019 – Light rail opens to customers

Devonshire Street will look like this:



And speaking of Surry Hills, look at this oldie: Surry Hills. I love the way the thread has become quite a thing over the years!