Random Friday memory 26: naked in The Shire

Oh yes. Well, once at least when I was maybe ten years old…


It was all down to my classmate CT who was a bit of a junior nudist…  There is/was a creek running from the cemetery through Sutherland Park, then gathering to make a decent waterfall into the Woronora Valley just off the road that then ran on to Woronora Bridge. There has been a lot of change since 1953:

Screenshot - 28_08_2015 , 9_31_14 AM


The waterfall would be not far from Sutherland Swimming School. Back in 1953 the fall fed a swimming hole, though one had to negotiate a lot of slippery rocks to get down to it. I can still conjure up that lovely wet bush smell!

Unfortunately though I was not a dauntless skinny dipper – unlike CT and his neighbour mates who cavorted quite shamelessly. I had a couple of disadvantages: at that age I could not swim being one. The other main one was that I was not supposed to go barefoot for any distance, having had some congenital problem with my feet and ankles that meant I had to wear special shoes. In fact I was one of the few boys at Sutherland Primary in 1953 to wear any kind of shoes!

So my career as a skinny dipper was very short, just one afternoon I suspect…

And speaking of The Shire: Sutherland Shire has Sydney’s lowest departure rate.