Photoblog recycle: August 2009

Seen in a Surry Hills side street

Posted on August 22, 2009 by Neil


And there was a lot more to be seen nearby too! Next time…

Scruffy Murphy’s Irish pub — Saturday

Posted on August 16, 2009 by Neil


Scruffy Murphy’s in Haymarket is often mentioned in stories of unfortunate events in publand, but is very popular.

Glebe: St John’s Road 8 – The Nag’s Head Hotel

Posted on August 4, 2009 by Neil

In my earlier periods in Glebe this was reputedly a great place to plan a crime, but today it is quite up-market, though not off-putting. In fact it is a really great pub with a fine selection of beers and great food. The Rabbit and I had a couple of sessions there earlier this century. 😉