31 July: failed post, great day at Woonona

This morning I actually completed a post but Windows Live Writer and this ancient computer had a spasm which lost the post. Nor did I have time to redo it, as I had to head out fairly early to meet my Diggers friend S.H. at Steelers in order to catch a Dion’s bus up to Woonona to go to the Woonona-Bulli RSL.


The idea was to meet S’s parents who live at Moss Vale but visit this club every month. They are about my age. S’s mother was born in Shellharbour, where my father was also born. I figured we would know people in common, and so it proved as her home as a child was next to my cousin Max! We had a great day of sharing.

Earlier I had posted July’s stats. The overall result here is better than last month. The most read posts in July have been:

  1. Home page / Archives 832 views in July.
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  7. All my posts 15
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